Wednesday, 12 April 2017



Book Review
“Dollar Bahu”
Yasmeen Jamil
(Librarian, KVCTPP)

TITLE: Dollar Bahu
AUTHOR: Sudha Murty
PRICE: 250/-
About the book:
Dollar Bahu, by Sudha Murty is one of the real fictions that depicts the reality of society where money is dominating over relationship. Its not wrong to say that the value of relations depends on the amount of money you have, it shows respect, importance, existence and glory , harmony among relations are not due to love, care, sympathy, empathy and tolerance but by the status of money anyone has. The behaviors and attitudes of people towards relations are according to the status of them they posses in the society.
The story revolves around the six members of the family, Gouramma, mother of Chandru, Girish and Surabhi, Shamana, husband of Gauramma, Vinuta the youngest daughter in law of Gauramma, and Jamuna the eldest daughter in law. Girish marries first with Vinuta then Chandru with Jamuna.
Gauramma is a good woman who cares about her children and want to see their children well settle in abroad that makes her little bit greedy. On the other hand Shamana Is very sensible , helpful, down to earth person who believes in simple living and high thinking, who knows very well that money is not everything to live a happy life. He understands feelings of others and always ready  to help people in need. His younger son marries vinuta a beautiful girl with melodious voice and caring personality, who cares for everyone and does every possible thing for the family to make them happy and peaceful.
The story takes a turning point when Chandru comes back India and gets married with Jamuna a very rich girl who wins her mother in law and sister in law’s heart by his sound wealth. Soon she also settles in USA with her husband and sends gifts and dollars as per demand of her darling mother in law.
The unnecessary comparison and unfair judgment by Gauramma between dollar bahu Jamuna and poor but caring bahu Vinuta disturbs the family and Vinuta internally. It somehow spoils the harmony among relations. Gouramma gets a chance to visit USA where she comes to know the reality must say Harsh Reality of dollar, true color of foreignism. Here she meets with bitter phenomenon. Day by day she starts realizing her mistakes committed by her and finds herself shameful as well as cheated.
Now the questions are:
How and why Gouramma realizes her mistakes?
Whether she will be able to rectify or correct her mistakes?
Will her repentance over the past make her family’s future cheerful?
How will Gouramma face Vinuta and
 Will Vinuta forgive her mother in law?
To get the answers of such interesting questions and to peep into the lives of NRI’S please read this book yourself and enter into the world of reality.
For the climax and beautiful ending of this novel I, would like to give 5*
Read this book today.
Luckily this book is available in our school library.
So what waits for?
Read this book today!!!