Thursday, 25 April 2019

Book Review of the Month


Identity Revealed
Carelyn Keene
Nancy Drew
Aladdin Paperbacks, London


About the book:

The language of the book is not very difficult. Simple style with lots of twists and turns that keeps the reader engaged. The story is very intense that will keep you turning the pages on. The climax is awesome.


Nancy a girl detective who joins Better-life an online community to try to stop a case of cyber bulling from the inside, but the bullies turns on her. They blackmail and harass to Nancy and her friends. Someone uses Nancy’s character on the game to attack her friends and makes their life disturbed. The bullies don’t stop here, further they steal Nancy’s father’s confidential files and publish them on Better-Life. Things become worst for Nancy when his boyfriend who was trying to help her to solve the matter, kidnaps in real life. Nancy contacts to the game creator but they don’t show any interest and concern with the privacy and problems of the users. Their only motive is to make money and more money. Finally Nancy discovers the person behind the crime but story doesn’t end here. She has to fight the culprit in the game too.

If you are interested and willing to know who the person behind all these crimes was, I must suggest, read the book yourself. It has amazing suspense and very satisfying and upbeat ending.


I give 4.5 stars to the book for its thrilling climax.

This book is available in our school library, go, read it now.