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पुस्तक समीक्षा
पुस्तक का नाम : कितने पाकिस्तान
लेखक: कमलेश्वर
प्रकाशक: राजपाल एंड संस
प्रष्ठ: ३६३
मूल्य: ३००

'कितने पाकिस्तान' कमलेश्वर का लिखा हुआ एक उपन्यास है। इस उपन्यास को 2003 के साहित्य अकादमी पुरस्कार से नवाज़ा गया था। इस उपन्यास में सामान्य घटनायें बल्कि ऐतिहासिक घटनाओं का लेखक के नज़रिये से वर्णन है

कहानी का संचालन एक पात्र अदीब करता है। जैसा कि नाम से अंदाज़ा लगाया जा सकता है कि अदीब एक साहित्यकार या बुद्धिजीवी है जिसे अपनी जिम्मेदारियों का अहसास है और उसे लगता है कि अनेक वर्गों में जनता को बाँटकर फायदा उठाया जा रहा है। अदीब को लगता है कि ऐसे समय में लेखकों, पत्रकारों और अन्य बुद्धिजीवियों को कुछ करना पड़ेगा। अदीब अगर नायक है तो सलमा को नायिका कहा जा सकता है लेकिन कथानक में उसे स्थान कम ही मिला है। सलमा के माध्यम से कमलेश्वर ने कृत्रिम सीमाओं को लेकर निराशा व्यक्त की है। अदीब और सलमा के वार्तालाप के माध्यम से लेखक ने समाज के नियमों में खुद को ढाल न पाने वाले लोगों की चिंता दिखायी है। कहानी में एक और पात्र है जिसे अर्दली के नाम से पुकारा गया है। यह एक मजबूत पात्र है जिसने जगह जगह पर लोगों के दोगलेपन को उजागर किया है। 

अगर उपन्यास का सार निकालने की कोशिश की जाए तो यही आयेगा कि सदियों से चली आ रही विभाजन की परम्परा बंद हो और मनुष्य एक मनुष्य की तरह जीवित रह सके। धर्म के नाम पर, भगवान के नाम पर, जाति के नाम पर, विचारधारा के नाम पर, भाषा के नाम पर और वर्ण के नाम पर विभाजन अब बंद होने चाहिये।
और भी बहुत कुछ दिलचस्प उल्लेख इस पुस्तक में किये गए हैं। अगर आप भी इस बेहतरीन उपन्यास को पढना चाहते हैं तो आज ही इसे अपनी के वि सी टी पी पी लाइब्रेरी से इशू कराएँ और एक  अमूल्य पुस्तक से परिचित हों।

book Review: 4
Book Review
Yasmeen Jamil
(Librarian, KVCTPP)

TITLE: The day I stopped drinking milk
AUTHOR: Sudha Murty
PUBLISHER: Penguine Books
PRICE: 250/-
Year of Publication: 2012
GENERE: Non-fiction
About the book:
Friends, could you believe that a basic commodity like milk which is easily available everywhere could be a luxury to many people.
Sudha Murty, the author of this book was shocked to know it during one of her visits, and decides to stop drinking milk thereon. That is the reason behind the title of this book.
This story is based on real incident that took place in the remote area of Odisha. The author visited the forest one day. Suddenly it began to rain heavily. The author was with her translator as she didn’t understand the Odiya language.
To get shelter she reached in a hut. The owner of the hut was very poor but kind and humble. The owner welcomed them. When he asked for food, the author wished only for a glass of milk.  The owner’s wife said that only one glass of milk is available for their hungry child. If they offered this glass of milk to the guest, their child would be hungry for whole day. Their child was crying for milk but owner decided to offer this only glass of milk to his guest. The author listened all this conversation and felt very ashamed. She called her translator and asked him to change the sentence. She made an excuse that she had a fast on that day and couldn’t take milk and leave the hut very soon.
This book also has other real stories and luckily available in our KVCTPP Library. So, keep reading and keep growing your knowledge.
I rated 4* for the book.

Book Review:3

Book Review
“Dollar Bahu”
Yasmeen Jamil
(Librarian, KVCTPP)

TITLE: Dollar Bahu
AUTHOR: Sudha Murty
PRICE: 250/-
About the book:
Dollar Bahu, by Sudha Murty is one of the real fictions that depict the reality of society where money is dominating over relationship. Its not wrong to say that the value of relations depends on the amount of money you have, it shows respect, importance, existence and glory , harmony among relations are not due to love, care, sympathy, empathy and tolerance but by the status of money anyone has. The behaviors and attitudes of people towards relations are according to the status of them they posses in the society.
The story revolves around the six members of the family, Gouramma, mother of Chandru, Girish and Surabhi, Shamana, husband of Gauramma, Vinuta the youngest daughter in law of Gauramma, and Jamuna the eldest daughter in law. Girish marries first with Vinuta then Chandru with Jamuna.
Gauramma is a good woman who cares about her children and want to see their children well settle in abroad that makes her little bit greedy. On the other hand Shamana Is very sensible , helpful, down to earth person who believes in simple living and high thinking, who knows very well that money is not everything to live a happy life. He understands feelings of others and always ready  to help people in need. His younger son marries vinuta a beautiful girl with melodious voice and caring personality, who cares for everyone and does every possible thing for the family to make them happy and peaceful.
The story takes a turning point when Chandru comes back India and gets married with Jamuna a very rich girl who wins her mother in law and sister in law’s heart by his sound wealth. Soon she also settles in USA with her husband and sends gifts and dollars as per demand of her darling mother in law.
The unnecessary comparison and unfair judgment by Gauramma between dollar bahu Jamuna and poor but caring bahu Vinuta disturbs the family and Vinuta internally. It somehow spoils the harmony among relations. Gouramma gets a chance to visit USA where she comes to know the reality must say Harsh Reality of dollar, true color of foreignism. Here she meets with bitter phenomenon. Day by day she starts realizing her mistakes committed by her and finds herself shameful as well as cheated.
Now the questions are:
How and why Gouramma realizes her mistakes?
Whether she will be able to rectify or correct her mistakes?
Will her repentance over the past make her family’s future cheerful?
How will Gouramma face Vinuta and
 Will Vinuta forgive her mother in law?
To get the answers of such interesting questions and to peep into the lives of NRI’S please read this book yourself and enter into the world of reality.
For the climax and beautiful ending of this novel I, would like to give 5*
Read this book today.
Luckily this book is available in our school library.
So what waits for?
Read this book today!!!

 Book Review 
“Say Cheese and Die”
Yasmeen Jamil
(Librarian, KVCTPP)

PRICE: 195/-

About the book:

Say Cheese and Die! is the fourth book in the original Goosebumps Book Series. It was first published in 1992. Goosebumps is a series of children’s horror fiction books by author R. L. Stine. The cover illustration features a skeleton family having a picnic, with a husband flipping burgers on the barbecue, a wife holding a plate of hamburger buns, a kid with a cap in orange t-shirt holding a hot dog, and the other kid with blue sleeveless shirt brushing his hair.
The book is about Greg and his friends who discover a strange camera, and things get chaotic after he takes a lot of pictures. Greg thinks there is something wrong with the old camera he found. The photographs keep turning out different. When Greg takes a shot of his father’s brand new car, it’s wracked in the picture. And then his dad crashed the car, nearly totaling it. Its like the camera can tell the future, or worse. Maybe it makes the future. Greg’s friends don’t believe him. Shari, one of his friends makes Greg take her picture at the party. Only Shari is not in the picture when it develops.
Is Shari about to be taken permanently out of the picture?
Or what is the secret of the camera?
Is it going to be helpful for Greg or it may be dangerous for all?
To get the answers of such interesting questions please read this book yourself and enter into the world of excitement.
Read this book today.
Luckily this book is available in our school library.
So what waits for?

Read this book today!!!

Book Review-1


Yasmeen Jamil
KVCTPP, Chhabra (Raj)

Original Title

Rajendra Singh Bedi (1915-1984) short story writer, novelist, playwright and screenplay writer is acknowledged as one of the finest Urdu writers.
The distinct feature of the novel is its subject which is very touching and common in that time when story was written. The story is hard hitting and well told the best novel ever written.
This is a story of Rano, a widow, who belongs to the Sikh Family. Rano’s husband dies and she is married to her brother in law Mangal, who is almost her son’s age, who is in also in love with another girl. After the death of her husband the village elders decided that Rano must either leave the house with her two children or alternatively marry a man who she has always look upon as a son and a younger brother. Rano gets into troubles after the death of her husband. Her mother in law all time curses her. Her family crises worsens with the arrest of Mangal. Now she has to feed her family from nothing. Moreover she also has a social insecurity due to her husband’s death.

My Opinion:
 The book is outstanding in every aspect, a bold subject boldly written and boldly accepted by readers. A perfect depiction of rural area where men not only dominate but take them for granted. Use of local language of the particular community made the novel outstanding.

My Recommendations:
If you are a literature lover and want to read really some good books, “I take this woman “is such a really good novel to read. Just go and read it, not anywhere but in KVCTPP library.
I would love to give 5*.